Established in 2010, EXIT 2 continues to dominate the increasingly crowded field of country music in Colorado. With a mix choice of covers with their originals, their instrumentation and vocal phrasing expose their down home country roots, while their presentation and spirit draw from classic rock. 

The instrumental talents of EXIT 2 band members Larry (drums), Ronnie (guitar),and Jeff (bass & background vox), enhance the strong vocal talents of Terry, maintaining an alluring balance throughout.

While most of their selections are filled with cover songs about life and love, the band takes a decided patriotic turn with the intense original "Lay Your Gun Down". Penned by Terry with the collaborative efforts of Sian, this brilliant track stands apart from other recent war songs because it manages to give its listeners insight to the effects of war. Offering up a blue collar perspective on what makes life worth living fits the overall theme of another original, "Havin' A Good Time" with plenty of guitar driven fun and easy and entertaining lyrics.

In the end, EXIT 2 is defined by their toe tapping performances, cramming as many notes and as much energy as they can into each song with such effort that any country music fan can appreciate. If you're looking for pure entertainment with lots of excitement, then EXIT 2 is sure to provide you with high octane fun!

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"Give in 10" to Aid Local Veterans
(posted Dec 2011)

Elle'ovations Marketing Group

AURORA: Chartered by EXIT 2's Silver & Gold dance team, the ladies are reaching out to local merchants within the community for help.

"The idea is to get each person to obtain just ten items to collect and give to our local veterans home.  Items most needed include toothbrushes, toothpaste, scarves, hats, and jackets.  The possibilities are endless!"

Once collected, all items are turned over to the Aurora Veterans' Affairs Commission.  Several members will then take the items to the local veterans home, where former U.S. soldiers live as they work towards transitioning from life on the streets to acquiring employment.

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EXIT 2's Very Own Dance Team!

Country Band in Aurora
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EXIT 2 at Jammin' Joes In Arvada
(posted Apr 2, 2012)
Alan Sparry, Mile High Feedback
Exit 2 is a Denver-based country band with a collection of talented characters. Toted as a band playing buckin’ country, this group runs the gamut of rockin’ country and ballads.

On Friday night at Jammin’ Joes in Arvada, this team brought their A-game. Starting off with some of the high-speed and heavy hitting, Exit 2 rocked through their opener, Jason Aldean’s Hicktown.  (Read More...)